RL Ryder



 RL Ryder finished their first book just before finishing high school. Unfortunately with moving and roommates it disappeared. Never to be seen again. 

Through the years RL Ryder has written many different books, short stories and poems in such genres as: mystery suspense, historical, historical fantasy, murder, horror and fantasy. They are published by Oestara Publishing in the US, and in Treasures Along the Fenceline magazine by Alberta Romance Writers Association. Romance is not something that figures into most of their stories. RL Ryder is looking forward to getting at least one book published in 2018.

RL Ryder was born in Edmonton, Alberta and moved to Calgary, Alberta at the age of six years old. An avid animal activist they share their home with two cats, Thor and Princess, who are very helpful with editing, and offer much constructive and other criticisms.